In partnership with SME Branding, I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to develop the identity for the upcoming 150th anniversary of College Football. For the monumental celebration, the National Football Foundation was looking for a visual identity that was both clean and iconic...void of visual clutter and messaging. Among these attributes, the brief also called for something that would extend well to all NCAA institutions, sponsors and broadcast partners. It needed to be simple, legible, and able to communicate 150 years of college football at a single glance.  

The resulting solution is a bold, forward thinking mark that proudly displays a heroic 150 with a graphic football cutting through the negative space. It is an identity that celebrates the past, but eagerly looks towards College Football's bright future.

Beginning in the fall of 2019, institutions across the country will implement the use of the 150 patch on uniforms and apparel.
"The College Football 150th Anniversary will be a celebration for all divisions of the sport. A season-long campaign, the uniform logo program will be the most widespread effort of its kind in the history of college athletics." (

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